Another Image Post

Another picture post to test out how the new themes are working with the different types of posts that users create. Some using the featured post option might experience something a bit different.

Hopefully these posts will let me see a bit of what users might be dealing with.

Testing Image with Snippet of Post

Just testing how the text shows if you insert a jump break and then continue writing on a Soho theme.

Testing Indent

Just typing some text so I can see what options we have for indenting text in a post.

lkjsfj alkjeielj lwejkcin lwkidilrj alkdkki akywlfoyt;
Going to see if it can be done.

Additional picture posts

Putting some images in my posts so that I can test how some of the new themes render them. This test blog has never had many images in it so this is an update to that.

FAQ: Links For Blogger Forums In Other Languages

Text Area Box Information

Great tool for posting html when you need to see it and the post won't let you.

< textarea name="HTML for Logo" rows="8" cols="40" >Put your html in here< /textarea >

Information For Viewing More Of Feed

In order to see more than just the standard twenty five posts that come up in the feed at any one time, you can add the following to the end of the rss feed url to see 500 (if you have that many) posts instead.


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