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Meta Tag Example

This is the generic version of the meta tags I have in my blogs for reference.

Put these tags just below the opening tag of the head section and take out the space between the < and meta and the / and >

<br />< meta content='text Google gave me when I submitted blog' name='verify-v1'/ > <br />< meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='robots'/ > <br />< meta content='Yourname' name='author'/ > <br />< meta content='text words separated by commas' name='keywords'/ > <br />< meta content='text for title that some readers will also pick up' name='title'/ ><br />< meta content='text description but some use keywords here as well' name='description'/ >

Testing Blogger

FAQ: Login Issues Link

This is the link to the help page that Blogger has with several ideas for figuring out passwords and usernames.

Testing Blogger
FAQs for GooglePlus

Button HTML

Thought I would post the html here for making a button so I could access it easier than having to go to my widget code everytime.

<a href="Link to go to" target="blank"><img border="0" width="170" alt="Text for Mouseover" src="Link to picture" height="50"/></a>

Testing Blogger

Testing Time and Date Visibility

Testing out whether I can remove the date from the top and bottom of a post by unclicking the date section in my blog post settings on the layout page.

Yes you can but it deletes them off all the posts, can't do it just for individual ones...

Testing Blogger

My Instructions for Getting Traffic

First you need to make sure you have comments allowed in your blog settings. Allowing comments and making comments on other blogs is the first step in getting your url out there and finding other bloggers that have similar interests to you.

Second, you need to list your blog with the big search engines...go to google and/or Yahoo and any other one you want to use and do a search for the terms "submit url". You will get directions from them on how to do that for their services and that is the first step to getting traffic. The search engines will not crawl your site for ages otherwise, and even with the submission it takes some time.

Then, you need to start putting links to other sites/blogs on your site and hope that they reciprocate because the more you are linked the better your traffic will become and the better your page ranking with the search engines will become. You can become a member of blogging communities (there are many out there) as well and that will help you ge…

My Instructions for Language Settings Issue Updated 4/14/11

Okay, a few things. First, you need to go into your browser settings and make sure that English is chosen as your preferred language. It helps if you are using English that it is the only one listed and that it is the US version even if you aren't in the US. It seems to stick the best.

Okay, if you are logged into blogger and on your blog's main page, you can click on the little blogger icon on the left top corner and it will take you to your dashboard. When you are on your dashboard, you should see your blog names below and your profile picture and name to the right.

After doing that, you need to go to each blog's settings area and set the language there as well. Underneath the title to your blog, there should be a blue "new post" button. The third link to the right from that is the one for the blogs settings, click on that. Formatting is the third link over from the left underneath the settings tab (which should be where you are if you came from the dashboard). …

FAQ: Creating a New About Me Element Updated April 2011

Make a post just like you would any other post on your blog, but use it as place to put your profile info. You can put links (using the hyperlink funtion) in there, any text you want to include and a picture as well. You can even put links to your other blogs if you wish. Then publish it, give it a date back in the past if you don't want to show up on your main front page. Note the URL of this particular post.

Now go to your page layout/design page (assuming you are using the new templates and not the old classic version). Go to your actual About Me box (the one there by default), and click on the remove page element. It will remove it from this blog only, not any of your others (you can do this at the end if you want to test it out first to make sure you are happy with the results). Then click on Add a Page Element to your sidebar. Pick the HTML/Javascript one. Put in the title space, ABOUT ME or MY PROFILE.

In the text area, put in this <a href="url of post that contains p…

Testing Image

Had to set the transparency index before exporting the gif.

Testing Blogger