FAQ: Creating a New About Me Element Updated April 2011

Make a post just like you would any other post on your blog, but use it as place to put your profile info. You can put links (using the hyperlink funtion) in there, any text you want to include and a picture as well. You can even put links to your other blogs if you wish. Then publish it, give it a date back in the past if you don't want to show up on your main front page. Note the URL of this particular post.

Now go to your page layout/design page (assuming you are using the new templates and not the old classic version). Go to your actual About Me box (the one there by default), and click on the remove page element. It will remove it from this blog only, not any of your others (you can do this at the end if you want to test it out first to make sure you are happy with the results). Then click on Add a Page Element to your sidebar. Pick the HTML/Javascript one. Put in the title space, ABOUT ME or MY PROFILE.

In the text area, put in this Save changes.

This will create a link to the post that you created about yourself with the words My Complete Profile in a sidebar box on your main page. Now your new box will substitute for the default About Me.

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Bill said…
After following your instructions, I was able to do it! Now I don't have to put my new blog on a different site for fear people will know my true identity!! Thanks, Mishka!!!
Cares and Mimi said…
Found your post - this was such a wonderful help! Thank you - worked like a charm!
Alexandria D. said…
Thank you! I have been wanting to fix this for months. Thanks to you- I just did!

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