My Instructions for Language Settings Issue Updated 4/14/11

Okay, a few things. First, you need to go into your browser settings and make sure that English is chosen as your preferred language. It helps if you are using English that it is the only one listed and that it is the US version even if you aren't in the US. It seems to stick the best.

Okay, if you are logged into blogger and on your blog's main page, you can click on the little blogger icon on the left top corner and it will take you to your dashboard. When you are on your dashboard, you should see your blog names below and your profile picture and name to the right.

After doing that, you need to go to each blog's settings area and set the language there as well. Underneath the title to your blog, there should be a blue "new post" button. The third link to the right from that is the one for the blogs settings, click on that. Formatting is the third link over from the left underneath the settings tab (which should be where you are if you came from the dashboard). The language settings is the 6th down from the top of the page. The save button is bright orange at the bottom of the page.

It is more of a google thing than it is a blogger thing (they think they are helping you out by adjusting the language based on IP address but it is supposed to default to your browser's language). Clearing cookies can cause the language to reset to IP address default settings so if you do clear them, don't be surprised if you have to do this again.

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Mishka said…
Set the date using the post options link to something very far in the past so it will be buried in the archives....the other options is to use the text wigdget box but you can't put html or any other things but text in one of those.

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