Text for Answering the Comment and Blog Post Widget Issue

Check to make sure the comments are turned on in all three places:
1. On the post options below the post editing window in the post editor
2. On the layout page, if you click on the edit link on the post box (the big one in the middle)
3. On the comments page in your blog settings.

If you have turned all on and cleared your cache and cookies and reloaded the page and they still don't show up, then you might have corrupt blog post widget and Bonnie has a fix for that on her blog.


Testing Blogger


Mishka said…
Commenting on my own blog via YouHide.com
That solved the problem we were having with our blog.
We have only just changed our settings to allow comments.
But it was still not possible to leave comments, because ... all earlier posts did not allow comments.
Do we need to go through all previous posts and fix this one at a time?
Or maybe just recent posts.

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