Moved Two Blogs To WordPress

Unfortunately, the new Blogger User Interface, that will soon become default and not optional, has a dating issue that I can't work with on blogs that are backdated.

As an author a user will not be able to select a year, but instead have to click back by month which is completely crazy and unusable. This will limit my dating abilities for my journal posts when I need to date back more than a couple of months, so I have exported two of my blogs (the two that are journals, dated many years in the past) to WordPress where dating a blog is not nearly as difficult as it is on Blogger (or will be).

I am sad to have to make this move as well as the fact that any future blogs of this nature will also not be on Blogger but I wasn't given a choice in this matter. I really liked having all my blogs under one account on Blogger but such is life.

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