FAQ: Do I Have To Use Gmail With Blogger? Updated 9/11/12

This is a question that comes up almost everyday on the Blogger Help Forum...or I guess I should say the results of the confusion regarding this question shows up all the time. I can't even count how many times I have had to explain to users that use of Gmail is not a requirement for Blogger or any other Google product (other than Gmail).

Basically, if you are already a Google account holder (on a different email from Gmail), you can use that account with Blogger and not have to bother with Gmail. If you are signing up with Blogger for the first time, it will take you to a Google account creation page and on that page, it will force you to create a Gmail account but you can add your own email address (non-Gmail) to the account as an alternate, and then immediately cancel the Gmail account after you have everything set up the way you want.

I just did this myself for a new blog I created. I was forced to create a Gmail account when clicking on the Blogger invite, and then was able to add the yahoo address to the account that I wanted, used it to log into the account, and then cancelled the Gmail account.

To cancel the Gmail account, you use this link, (make sure you have first added a second email to the overall Google account before you do this and checked that you are able to log into your Google account using that email address).


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mattmoran said…
Nice article.Liked the simplicity and ease of thought process.
Pend said…
Neat. I like the simplicity of this

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