FAQ: Image Information From Picasa

This is a small write up from a TC for Picasa that explains some of the icons we see from Picasa so I can use it for reference.

Case 1: The exclamation mark means the photo has been deleted (404 error). Typical scenario is the user deleting the Blogger album while in Google+ or visiting Picasaweb and decides to save space thinking the Blogger album is duplicate. Here is a sample of what it looks like:

Case2: The circle and bar means you don't have access to view the photo (403 error). This is typically an indication that the visibility setting was changed and thus access to the photo is denied.

Case 3: White box with red x on top means the image is blocked by the browser. This is typically caused by the user doing a right-click to hide a photo and ending up blocking access to the server in the browser. It's mentioned in our help guide at:

Official Blog*Star/Blogger TC
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