Reference For Picasa WebAlbum Clarification

From Phil (Picasa TC)

This is my understanding:
- the limit per Blogger album used to be 500 a long time ago
- the limit per Blogger album is now 1,000 and the same as regular Picasaweb albums

The reality of how it works today.
- Let's say you currently have 999 photos in the album. If you are now uploading two photos then only one photo will be placed in the existing album but you will get an error as the new album will not be created for the second photo. How do I know? I tested it tonight by copying hundreds of photosfrom other blog albums into my test blog. It seems it cannot load to the existing album and also create a new album in the same posting. This is important to know.
- Now assuming you have exactly 1,000 photos in the existing Blogger album and you upload one photo (maybe more too) the uploaded photo will be placed in a new Blogger album. That works as expected. I just tested that too and saw the new album in picasaweb..

Now on Mobile posting.
- some time ago I had seen posts where posting on Mobile will not create the new Blogger album when you get to 1,000. Is this still true or not I do not know. I did not test that as I have never posted via Mobile before. The solution back then was to use the desktop to do that one post to get the album created and then you can revert back to Mobile.
Hope this helps.

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