FAQ: I Have a Third Party Template That Isn't Working Right, What Do I Do?

Blogger doesn't provide any kind of technical support for third party templates. If you decide to use one, you are at the mercy of the developer and volunteers here that might be willing to lend a hand. You should be very careful when adding third party templates and gadgets to your blog as some have been known to contain malware that has gotten more than a few blogs deleted.

Make sure the developer you are using is someone that you trust or that they have their templates certified. Third party templates and gadgets you find on the web (even those listed on Google Gadgets) are not guaranteed by Blogger to be functional or reliable.

If you do wish to get help from a volunteer here, you will need to be specific in what problem your template or gadget is having and what things you have already tried as well as listing any other pertinent information you would to report any other kind of problem with your blog (url, browser, what steps you have already taken...etc).

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