FAQ: My Blog Looks Different From The Preview

All websites render a bit different. This is because each browser is different, each user has different settings on their systems they are viewing sites with, and their systems themselves are different. All of these factors and combinations of them can cause an infinite number of differences on a website between what one user and another user might see.

This applies to the preview screen as well. There is no way for Blogger to show a preview to each user that would be exactly how the blog post or site will look to everyone. It is just not possible.

This website, however, will give you a chance to check out your blog in several different resolutions and browsers so if you are "tweaking" your site, you can see what works and what doesn't. Those of us that like to design websites or even just troubleshoot them for other users, use this site quite a bit.

Hope you find it useful too.  http://browsershots.org/

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