FAQ: Link List Gadget for Labels as Tabbed Menu

1. Make sure you use labels on your posts that you want people to be able to search for same subjects such as videos, reviews, mixtapes.

2. Add the label gadet to your sidebar so you have access to the links for each of the labels that you have used.

3. Click on one of the labels in the label gadget that you want to make a page of (note you don't have to make a page for every label you have, only the ones you want to have tabbed at the top). When you click on the label, a new page on your blog will open that is basically the search results of your blog for that label. You want to copy down the url that is in the address bar.

4. Go to the design/layout tab of your blog. Click on add a gadget. From the list available, click on link list gadget. This should bring up an window with fields in it.

5. Put the label url that you just copied into the new site url field, and then whatever word you want to show on the tab in the new site title field. Leave the main title of the gadget blank, don't tell it to sort, and don't put in a number of links to show...

6. Repeat the steps (3-6) for each of the labels you want in the tabbed menu at the top. You can change the order of the pages by clicking the up and down arrows next to the name of the link once you have added it to the list.

7. Save the gadget once you have completed filling in the labels you want tabbed on the top. Now the link list will be sitting at the top of whatever column you added the gadget from. You can grab onto it and drag it to be right above you blog post widget but below your header. It will spread out to be the size of your header. I have mine below my ads too because I want it to be right above my posts.

8. Make sure you save the layout changes.

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Very helpful tips.
Thanks for sharing. :)
Much appreciated.


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