Answer Text For Template Designer Malfunction

Just thought I would post this here to use for later.

Make sure to back up your template before making any changes.

You need to have the mobile template enabled before trying these fixes...and if you are using Amazon Affiliates, you can't use the mobile template and still be meeting their TOS requirements.

NOTE: If you do not have the mobile template enabled at the beginning of this process, I highly recommend trying to enable it, and then just trying to reinstall your current template (from the backup you made a few minutes ago)....this might keep you from having to do all your customizations over again if it just the mobile template issue causing your problem.

We have been told that this is due to customizations in your blog template that are conflicting with the platform and causing the template designer to malfunction. There are several options for clearing this up, some only have to do a few, and some need to do all and more to get it working again.

1. Use the remove customizations link on the template area of your blog
2. Use the revert widgets to default link on the edit html portion of the template area of your blog.

These are not a cure all...and in some cases, they will not be enough, but they are what you should start with as they are the least invasive way to get the Template Designer working. If they don't work, you can try a fresh template. Switching templates off the bat isn't the way to go since moving from template to template generally doesn't reset gadgets or remove html customizations.

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