FAQ: How Do I Report a Problem on BHF

How to report a problem - Help us help you!
To ensure everyone finds the information they need as quickly as possible, here are a few guidelines to follow when you'd like to post a question or report a problem to the group:

1. ALWAYS GIVE YOUR BLOG URL!!!!!! (e.g. http://XXXX.blogspot.com)

2. It's always helpful to post as much information as you can - a specific error message (e.g. bX-XXXXX), the steps you took before you encountered the problem, which web browser you're using along with version, and what steps you have taken after.

3. If you encounter an error code (e.g. bX-XXXXX) and would like to report the problem, please include a description of what you were doing when you encountered the error, any additional information that's given with the error message, and the URL of the blog that is affected. Note that the same error codes are caused by a single issue/bug and resolved by the same fix. So, if a fix works for one user who's experiencing issue bX-ABCDEF, it should work for any other user experiencing bX-ABCDEF.

3. Look around first. Browse previous threads in the Help Group, check out the FAQs, peruse through Blogger Help and do your research.

4. Chances are, someone else is experiencing the problem you are. So, make your post to the thread that is already discussing what you'd like to discuss. That helps us keep track of the various issues and know the scale of each problem. But only do this if you have the EXACT same problem...not similar, but EXACT.

5. Don't post your problem to every thread you find - it just clutters the group and makes things harder to sift through, which means it might take longer for you to get an answer.

Just a few suggestions but, if you follow them, it'd make a world of difference!

P.S. You're perhaps more likely to receive attention from a Blogger employee, TCs and other Blogger users if you sincerely note the secret phrase: "I have read the Group FAQs, "How to Report a Problem" page and checked out docs in the Help Center."

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