Duh. The easiest way to stop hackers is with real passwords.

This linked article really spells it out in simple terms, how much you can do to protect yourself at your end (READ IT!). Obviously, you can only do so much on this side, but why make it easy for hackers by picking stupid passwords to begin with. Cover you own end and then hope and trust that the big institutions that have all our personal info are covering their part like they are supposed to.

To realize that 600K Facebook accounts get hacked a day is really scary...this means that a ton of users are using 123456 as their freaking password...and if that is the case, they almost deserve to get hacked.

Make your passwords a couple of words, that you can remember using upper and lower case letters, and then substitute in some numbers for some of the letters and throw a symbol or two in there between words...it isn't that hard. On top of that, change your password occasionally...make that computer hack program start from scratch and you won't have to worry.

Another smart thing to do is NOT use only one email address for all your logins. If that email gets hacked, you are screwed. You need to have yourself a little bit more diversified than that...and you need to stay on top of your info...logging into an account is the number one way to prove ownership so you need to remember your info.

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